XeeMe Friends


My XeeMe Friends List :)

To add yourself to the XeeMe friends graphic,

please fill out the form below!

If you already have a XeeMe, XeeMe will recognize you

when you select the “Register with my XeeMe” button.

 I will post this XeeMe friends list on multiple social media sites,
including Facebook,
so we all have multiple links pointing to our XeeMe profiles!
BTW – if you don’t have XeeMe and you aren’t sure what it is,
XeeMe- A Great Social Presence Tool!

  11 Responses to “XeeMe Friends”

  1. Did not work for me, Mindy!

  2. This is fascinating how it automatically knows who you are if you already have a Xeeme. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great idea Mindy!! You may want to play with the XeeMe widget a bit.
    I.E. try those parameters:
    If you play with height and width you can optimze the appearance :)


    • Thanks, Axel – that is what I have been doing all along. As it has grown, I have been changing the parameters. I didn’t want a widget with a lot of empty space, so when if fills, I bump it up to more row, and increase the size!!

  4. Thank you for all your doing to better keep us on top of ALL things Mindy.
    Off subject…seems when I go to my Pinterest I don’t see our Xeeme board..is that just me or other as well?

  5. Thanks Mindy so much, you are doing a good job!

  6. XeeMe XeeYou here for a virtual tea visit connecting, You have any XeeMe Tips Mindy?

    Themelis Cuiper

  7. Interesting… but what is this all about?

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