Apr 192012
Twylah on XeeMe XWeek: Social Media Tools


Twylah is a true social media tool ripe with SEO and social media awesomeness. And, they just added some truly awesome features that make it even more awesome. Awesomer, if you will.

And the bonus part: Twylah is EASY. Like hands off, do nothing easy.

Maybe your experience with Twylah was like mine. When I first saw Twylah, I was like, “Oh, pretty page for my tweets! Sweet!” I didn’t get it. I didn’t know why I needed it. I just signed up for it and pretty much forgot about it.

But during XWeek, I have been able to see Twylah through the eyes of its founders, Eric Kim and Kelly Kim.  I finally feel like I “get Twylah”.

And, now that I “get” Twylah, especially with the features I’m telling you about in this post, I have realized that I “need” Twylah.


With Twylah capturing my tweets and putting them into the gorgeous format that they do, my Twylah page contains enough keyword  rich content to be absolutely delicious to the search bots. My tweets don’t just disappear into the ether in 8 seconds (like they do on Twitter) – they find a home on my Twylah and stick around for a while! Long enough to shake hands with Google and tell Google how totally awesome I am. :)


So, it is awesome that my tweets are indexed and formatted on a gorgeous page and that they can now flirt and hang out with the google bots.  I am trying to get MY SITE hanging out with the bots. Not Twylahs! (No offense, Kelly and Eric Kim of Twylah.  Sorry. It’s the truth!) How can Twylah help Google notice my website even more?

Well, with two minutes of work in my cpanel and another 2 minutes to send an email, I am able to move my Twylah from it’s home on Twylah to its new home on Social-Drivers! YUP. HERE. On my site! http://tweets.social-drivers.com. Haha, so come play over here Google!

Did you go see my Twylah page on that link?  Isn’t is so great how it has a link right at the top that says, “back to Social Drivers”?? My Twylah page didn’t have that before! But now it does, and it is on my site, which I totally appreciate.

Oh yeah, and for more Google yumminess – my Twylah has google analytics. Sweet, huh??

But we’re not done yet.  (Ginzu knife commercial flashback, anyone?)


Here is a new feature which has me totally stoked. I can now add a widget to my blog which brings some of that Twylah goodness to every post on my site. I am sure you noticed that terrific, keyword dense “trending for @mindykoch) widget on my page. That is from Twylah. Aren’t those keywords great? Yeah, those are all things that I want this blog and my online digital identity (my professional brand) to be known for. SEO. Social Media. Marketing. And Twylah gives me that.

If you have a Twylah, you can get your widget code by logging in and go to resources. SO, GO DO IT!!

And, just so you know, this is “HOT OFF THE PRESSES” newness here. As of the time of this writing, Twylah hadn’t even sent out the email informing its members of this option. So, depending on when you read this, you may be the first to know about this! Fun, huh?


I know. Your head is spinning and my post is too long. (My posts are always too long! GAH!) But it is true. There is more Twylah goodness to know about.

I am talking about the POWER TWEET. They are like Tweets. With Power. Which, I am sure you can see is much better than tweets without power.

So, this morning I sent out a tweet about “XWeek” – which is an event going on this week where my number one favorite social media tool, XeeMe, introduces us to other awesome social media tools.  Like Twylah. This week it is “All Twylah, All The Time”. So, I sent out a tweet that said

“It isn’t over yet! You have time to join us on #XWeek as we get to know #Twylahhttp://twy.la/IpnGnX (Please RT!)”

I sent that tweet from my Twylah at http://tweets.social-drivers.com and used the “Power Tweet” option at the top. What happened when I sent that power tweet?

I created an entire page of content for my site! Keyword rich and a long lasting!! Just from sending a tweet! Check it out! Take the link above and see where it goes! (While you are there, do take the link to sign up to participate in XWeek. It is free. And brilliant.)


Twylah is set it and forget it. Worst case scenario, you just join Twylah and let Twylah take over from there. Simple and great. It works for you in the background even if that is all you do. You never have to touch it again.

But, with 4 minutes of work on your end, Twylah moves all that goodness onto your own site on a subdomain. (Then it can be set it and forget it again.)

And, with another 2 minutes of work, Twylah moves that goodness onto your main domain in a widget. (Once again, after that – set it and forget it automagic goodness.)

Or, to really maximize your Twylah SEO and social media goodness, in the time it takes you to send a Tweet, Twylah builds you a keyword rich content page on your own site.

I hope I have been able to share with you how great I think Twylah is. I am so glad I finally “GET IT”!

A few last minute marching orders, if you will! :)


2. If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, please do so on the side panel. I have several beta invitations that I gained access to this week that are new and on the hush hush!! You get to be the early adopters!

3. Come join us on XWeek as we explore more about Twylah.  Here is what is going on for the rest of the week! (ALSO – PLEASE SCROLL DOWN BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY COMMENTS
 TweetChat HashTag: #xweek – Thu April 19
We are running two Tweet-Chats together with Twylah co-founder Kelly Kim:
- Thursday 4/19 afternoon 4PM PST / 7 PM EST / 9 AM (Friday) Sydney time
- Friday 4/20 morning 9AM PST / 12:00 PM EST / 6 PM Central European Time.

A great way to ask questions directly to the leadership team from Twylah and get to know experienced users.

Join the twebevent/tweetchat

Some of the most experienced XeeMe Power Networker includingMindy Koch with her blog Social Drivers and Michelle Harris with her blog Digital Business UK as well as the XeeMe team will post some latest experience and background information about Twylah. This way you will get some great additional insight!

Video Interview
Together with the new ‘Social Media Television’ from Olaf Kracht we will conduct a video interview with one of the executives. Even more to learn about Twylah.

Product of the week
As product of the week, we reviewed privacy policy and other aspects of Twylah. You can see it all on our Social Media Directory


 Mindy Koch
See my entire social presence at http://xeeme.com/mindykoch

  31 Responses to “New Features Make Twylah A Social Media Must-Have Tool”

  1. Excellent article on the benefits of using Twylah; clear and right to the point. Well written. Thanks

    • Thanks Jeff! Just a thought, but you can leave your Twylah and your XeeMe links in the comments as well. That way, we can see each other’s social presence and social chatter.

  2. Well the post can never be too long as long as the information is on point…which it was/is…lol

  3. I’ve never heard of Twylah or even Xeeme until I read this post. I like the way you can now take over ownership of the content in your tweets. Very nice, thanks.

  4. Well I must say that both of these services are new to me – but I admit to still struggling with Twitter – does anyone except social media experts actually use it?

    • I know it can seem like only social media experts use Twitter, but I think that is because we kind of play and interact in that segment of the twittersphere. Truly, a lot people use twitter every day!

      Stats current as of March 28, 2012:
      Number of new Twitter users signing up everyday 300,000
      Number of unique Twitter site visitors every month 180 million
      Average amounts of tweets per day 55 million
      Number of Twitter search engine queries every day 600 million
      Number of active Twitter users every month 100 million
      Number of days it takes for 1 billion tweets 5 days
      Number of tweets that happen every second 8,900

  5. You’ll find some personal background on twylah co-founder Kelly Kim in the video interview on Social Media Television: http://socialmediatelevision.tv/video/xweek-twylah/

  6. Very good post and very complete. It’s very interesting to improve SEO. I’ll try it :)

  7. Excellent post, Mindy. I was all set to roll with it, not realising it was subject to receiving an invitation. So I guess I’ll just have to be patient and trust I’ll get one some time soon.

    • Des, I hope you are going to receive this comment – because I am VERY SURE that if you let @Twylah or @Kabaim on Twitter know you requested an invite because of this post or because of #Xweek that they would open the door for you right away!!

  8. Great advice and thanks for the ahead of time update on all of Twlah’s neat features.


    • Thanks for posting your links!!

      Using your XeeMe, I connected on:
      Empire Avenue (bought 200 and tweeted your link)

      I was unable to get your TypePad, Quora links to work.

      Sent a powertweet about your Twylah.

  9. Twylah looks like it will be worth giving a try out. I will do some more checking out of what it offers. I like that you say it can be set and forget in the way you use it.

    • It is totally set it and forget it! That is what I did at first until I learned the reasons to put a TAD more effort into it. It is awesome for pushbutton content on your own site if you move it to your domain and take advantage of the power tweets.

  10. Thanks for the info on Twylah – I recently created an account but haven’t made time to dig into it.
    xeeme: http://xeeme.com/JoanneGreco

  11. PS: tweeted, +1 and shared on linkedin. :-) Thanks Mindy!

  12. my favorite part is how it interacts with the google bots, lol! that is really what we need and what from a “social networking” tool. Thanks!

  13. Interesting…I have a Twylah page, but have pretty much just left it on autopilot.


    I’ll have to check out the PowerTweet aspect. Thanks for pointing it out.


  14. Seriously, what is this? I haven’t heard of this before. I guess I have to make an account to familiarize myself. Thanks for the share!

  15. Excellent!! It looks like an obvious choice and I feel that my search for a good SEO tool for my social media accounts is now over. Thank you for sharing this useful tool with us!!

  16. I don’t keep track of my Twylah much anymore, but I have heard a lot of good things about Kelly, and have spoken with her on occasion.

    One thing that I find disturbing is the promotion of it as an SEO tool. You will always want your blog post to be listed at the top of search results, especially for the verbatim title – which is usually a variant of the keyword you’re targeting. Since your blog post will be ranked ahead of a Twylah generated page every time, it can only serve as a negative for your personal SEO to have an identically titled post in search results.

    Also, Digg creates a similar type of page when you submit content, and it’s easy to make it rank ahead of Twylah pages in every instance – Twylah just doesn’t optimize the keywords as well as you can optimize them, and likely just doesn’t have the reputation of Digg. Once again, this is good SEO for Digg and Twylah, but NOT YOU.

    All of my Twylah entries are Tweets that are attached to links. If the idea was to create a page that indexed my Tweets without links, it wouldn’t be competing with my own articles, but it would be pretty useless as a method to promote yourself. For high traffic keywords Twylah posts are never going to rank very high, and it just isn’t the type of content people will be looking for in search. Any action a person can complete that would be beneficial to you is several steps removed because of the Twylah page, and I don’t know if you’ve analyzed search traffic lately, but you’ll rarely get visitors that travel a half dozen steps into a search result – especially a result that is ranked down the page, that has an identical title to one above it. There just isn’t any way to locically say that Twylah gives the user benefits through SEO, and the use of propoganda makes me lose trust in other claims.

    Twylah is not a beneficial SEO tool for you. Every page you create competes with other articles (you’ll always create a page that competes with yours).

  17. After looking over a number of the articles on your site, I truly appreciate your way of blogging. I saved it to my bookmark website list and will be checking back in the near future. Please visit my web site as well and tell me your opinion.

  18. SOCIAL MEDIA BENEFITS I REALly agree 4 this and all content of this post. and learn so many new thinks in this post. thanks

  19. Wow,

    I joined JustRetweet after reading one of your posts the other day and see quite a bit of traffic growth at http://makeupvideo.co.uk after just 1 day.

    I cant wait to see what effect me joining Twylah and XeeMee is going to have.

    Thanks for introducing me to all these Awesome Social Media Tools.

  20. TWYLAH- beautiful name too. i seemed to have missed the chats but will look into this awesome info you have provided. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Thanks for this great overview. Can i copy it to my site?

  22. Great article, I’ve never used squidoo but am thinking about setting up a few lenses there. I do have experience with hub pages and all my posts get indexed with in 10-24 hours which is lovely. The interface is very user friendly and there community is great.

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