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XeeMe - A Great Social Presence Tool

For a few days now, I have been using a great social presence tool to organize and connect all of my social media profiles: XeeMe.  Pronounced “See Me”.  I love this tool for several reasons: it organizes all my social profiles, I can easily customize it, it helps me to connect with other social networkers, and it has excellent tracking built in. Oh, and one more reason I love it.  XeeMe is the first social presence tool I have ever used that was interested in MY success.

XeeMe – A Great Social Presence Tool to Organize

As far as I can tell, and Axel will hopefully correct me if I am wrong, but XeeMe can organize an unlimited number of social profiles. Organize. Unlimited.  Awesome.

It is currently configured with nearly 200 social media platforms already. Plus, any additional platforms I need to add, can be added easily with a customizable “other” link.  The platform doesn’t limit me in any way.  I added my NaNoWriMo profile to my XeeMe even though it isn’t currently setup to work with NaNoWriMo.  It took me just a few seconds to do it. Piece of cake.

What is especially handy is that XeeMe doesn’t limit me as to the number of profiles per social media platform I can add! I have multiple blogs. No problem.  I have several Facebook fan pages. Not a big deal because I can add as many Facebook pages or groups as I need to. Whatever social profiles I need to organize, Xeeme can organize them.

In addition, XeeMe takes organizing my social profiles even further than just giving me a place to store my profiles. I can control HOW they are organized.

My social profiles don’t have to be organized alphabetically.  They aren’t stuck in a list in the order in which I entered them.  I have full control over the order they are listed.  I just move my profiles around with a simple drag and drop.  Plus, to help me organize my social profiles even further, I have three tabs I can put my profiles on.  I haven’t used all three yet – but if I wanted to, I could put just my preferred profiles on the “front tab” and the plethora of “barely used but still kind of used” social profiles that we all tend to gather on another tab. Up to me.  I can display my profiles in whatever format works for me.

I also love that if I don’t want to add all my social profiles, but just want to add a few, I can do so without it looking like I have an incomplete profile.  I have had that problem before on other social profile organizers. At the moment, I only have 14 profiles set up and I am quite content with that.  I know I will add more profile later but for now, I am happy with my current setup.

I am happy because I have been able to set up my XeeMe in a way that suits me.  I just love that XeeMe allows me to control how I organize my social presence.

XeeMe – A Great Social Presence Tool I Can Customize

I am a huge fan of how much I can do more than just organize my profile.  I am able to truly customize it.  By customizing, I am not talking about “ooh, I can choose the color of my background” or “ooh, I can use a picture in the background”.  I can do those things for sure, but those aren’t the customization capabilities that impressed me.

I can control the description of each profile. You can see in the picture at the top of this post that I have chosen to put “I Follow Back :D ” in my Twitter description.  (I am curious to see if that gets more clicks than what I did have there which was “@mindykoch”.)  I can put whatever I want there.  The description next to my Twitter button description can be blank, it can say “Twitter” or “@username” or “FOLLOW” or anything else I want it to say.  I could even say “Follow” in French or German or Hungarian if I wanted to.  Or knew how to.  It is just so handy to have full control of the verbage in my XeeMe.

But here is what REALLY knocked my socks off:  XeeMe doesn’t force me to use a specific link format. Some other social presence sites only let me input my username and then the computer code inserts my username into a pre-formatted link. While XeeMe does give me a simple version option where I could do that, I don’t HAVE to use the pre-formatted link.  If I want to, I am able to completely delete the pre-formatted link and put in whatever I choose.

I learned I can put in any url I want when I couldn’t get my Google+ link to work with the Google+ traditional format. I had to use the “” link instead and it worked just fine. That was when I realized the possibilities. If I wanted to, I could use a trackable link. I wouldn’t really need to because XeeMe tracks things for me, but the point is – I COULD.  I could use a link or a google analytics trackable url and my XeeMe would handle it just fine.  How is THAT for cool?

XeeMe – A Great Social Presence Tool to Connect

Something I really like about XeeMe is that I am able to focus on promoting one link to cover all of my social media connections and my XeeMe visitors can select the networks that are the most interesting to them.  I don’t control where we can connect.  My XeeMe visitors do.

Now, you can’t tell it by the XeeMe profile on this blog (because that is just a mini-XeeMe) but on my real XeeMe, my visitors can see in a glance whether I am very active on their preferred network or whether I am not very active there at all. With each profile, I can let them know – yes – I am here regularly. It really puts the key information in front of the XeeMe visitor. If they see I am active and it is one of their preferred networks, awesome.

Also, through tracking, the creators of XeeMe learned that the average XeeMe owner makes THREE social network connections when a someone views their XeeMe.  What a great tool to connect! It is like the “one tool to rule them all” of social profiles!

XeeMe – A Great Social Presence Tool to Track

XeeMe has some excellent behind the scenes applications and tracking.  So much so, that it is strongly encouraged to have people find my Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn profiles through the XeeMe interface.  That way I can track the clicks.

Plus there are some great tools in the back of my XeeMe.  I didn’t even realize these tools were there until yesterday but they allow me not only to track my links, they also allow me to track several goals and plans to connect with social media key influencers.  There is so much more to XeeMe than I realized when I signed up.

XeeMe – A Great Social Presence Tool to Reach Goals

My favorite think about XeeMe though, is the passion of its creator, Axel Schultze. Axel is what makes XeeMe special. He doesn’t just view XeeMe as his product – he views the success and happiness of the XeeMe member as his product. He promotes XeeMe member profiles. He has created a facebook group to get to know the members and to ask them what XeeMe can do to help them succeed. He is constantly updating XeeMe with new social media platforms.

He has also built-in some neat applications in the back of XeeMe to help reach goals of connecting with people through Flights and Focus apps.  It is quite cool what is back there.  I honestly don’t know what half of it does but it is pretty darn cool!

Another thing he does is create special social networking events called XBX to help a group of XeeMe members meet their personal 45 day goals. XBX stands for Xee and Be Xeen (See and Be Seen) and the purpose is to have XeeMe members network for other members. What social media platform are you a member of that does that?? That cares about your success? Your business goals? I have never seen it before.

The XeeMe members who aren’t part of the XBX event still follow along in the facebook group and learn how to move from networkers to power networkers so they can reach their business goals as well. Frankly, I think this is the next evolution of a social media platform. This is truly SOCIAL media. The platform doesn’t just help you connect with each other, the platform helps to drive your success. I have never seen that anywhere before and I am so glad that I am a part of the XeeMe family.

If you would like to have a XeeMe profile, you can get one free at: 
If you would like to connect with my via my XeeMe profile, you can connect with me at

Please connect with me on at least 3 social media platforms. I am most active on Twitter, Facebook, my FB Fan Page, and Empire Avenue but am active on many other sites as well. I look forward to being able to Xee you as well and to connecting with you! If you decide to use my XeeMe profile to discover three sites you can connect with me on, please let me know if the comments below! If you choose to get a XeeMe profile, please let me know in the comments as well!!

  37 Responses to “XeeMe – A Great Social Presence Tool”

  1. Very helpful Mindy and, as you suggested I’ve connected via this blog, Twitter and FB fan page. I’m expecting to learn a lot from you in the months and years ahead!

  2. Very cool. I’ll have to check this out. I’ve never heard of it before.

    • I hope you like Sukhraj! Be sure to join the XeeMe Power Networkers Group as well. You will see how great the people are!

  3. Great info Mindy – congrats on your new site – I joined XeeMe but need to get more involved – thanks for the inspiration ;D Hope to connect there

    • There are so many places I join that I need to get more involved. It is hard to do them ALL well!! I do have more profiles to setup on XeeMe but overall I am happy with my setup as it is. I could do more though!

  4. Great article Mindy, I have found Xeeme to be very beneficial in keeping track of my social networks. I have been sharing the link with my contacts, this will help explain exactly what the tool can do for them.

  5. Mindy,
    Great post! XeeMe is everything your said and more! I love the flexibility and focus it brings to my social introductions.

  6. What a great summary Mindy – awesome. Better than any of us could do it. I’d love to syndicate this as a guest post on our blog.
    Thanks for putting it all together.
    (my entire social presence)

  7. Excellent article. Where can i get the cute little Xeeme badge on this site?

    • I found the XeeMe button and badge code in the “Gadgets” app. I don’t know if you have checked out the various apps you can install in the dashboard but it is one of those. Handy!! I have the button and the badge installed on my blog.

  8. Great Post. I have been on xeeme for about a month and have made some great connections. People have been connecting with me on the less popular networks such as slideshare, etc. through my xeeme profile because xeeme makes them aware of them.

  9. Excellent blog Mindy.

    A clear , concise enthusiastic review of all Xeeme’s facilities , thank you

  10. Mindy, You wrote the post I was always meaning to write, but was so busy networking with Xeeme and the XBX group, that I just didn’t have a chance to share the good stuff.

    I have done several cool project with Xeeme – I use the flight Feature a lot for business development, assessments, training classes and getting to know people in large organizations. I was on one the early or maybe even first XBX networking projects and I had a greater than 3X growth in connections in the 5 days we did the project. Clearly, its so easy to find other places to connect users pick all the ones they use regularly that match up with the ones on your profile. I look forward to bumping your average up and selecting 4 or 5 or your profiles to connect with.

    Wendy (all my social places)

  11. Mindy,

    What a great summary of XeeMe. I totally agree with your points and this is why I use and advocate XeeMe, a great tool to anchor all of our social media presence spaces/places in one place, and manage your social media relationships with your contacts. I recently blogged about how this can help manage our time more effectively wrt Social Selling


  12. Mindy,

    my friend advised the XeeMe. I am learning about it. This is the best summary of it and awesome support for me. Thanks

  13. Hi Mindy, thanks answering my earlier question with such a comprehensive post. I have not (yet) opened a XeeMe account, but I did check out some of your other profiles via the link. We’re connected on Twitter, the blog and EAv, and you were kind enough to connect on Quora. I’ll have to connect on FB as well. Also checked out your early morning Video Bazooka demo! Keep up the good work, but get some sleep ;-)

  14. Great blog post on social-presence-tool-xeeme social-drivers blog

  15. I like the ability of xeeme to organize one’s different social networking account. I must admit that handling different accounts can make our lives crazy so it’s pretty important for us to find tools which can help us handle things in a well organized manner.

  16. Well, this one is a new one on me and you have convinced me to give it a try!

  17. You are the second person I’ve heard sing the praises of Xeeme- thanks for the article! Do you know if:

    - you can import a copy of your Xeeme page into your site?
    - there’s a WordPress plugin for Xeeme?

    I apologize if you covered these items and I missed them somehow! =)


    • You can do a mini XeeMe such as the one I have in the upper right hand corner of my site. Also, there isn’t really a need for a wordpress plugin for XeeMe that I can think of. What did you have in mind for the plugin to do?

  18. Looking at the name at first I thought it must be some chinese tool. Certainly going to visit to have first hand experience, but reading your description it certainly is most useful tool to manage profiles. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  19. I am new to XeeMe but XeeMe has helped me a lot for keeping track the traffic. Thanks for sharing Mindy!

    Keep up the good works.

  20. hey, i donot no about Xeeme, thanx for your article.



  21. <>

    Perhaps I’m dating myself, but AOL used to do this back in the mid-1990s. Such passion for that platform then!

  22. I first visit Xeeme last day and all I can say was that it is truly cool! I will try Xeeme and I know it really helps a lot. By the way thanks a lot for sharing this kind of information.

  23. Mindy – Thanks for this great info that’s very helpful to me as new user. I tried to join your group but when I pressed register it just brought me to my profile So, not sure what to do.

  24. 容易长粉刺和暗疮,下面就介绍两用的方法。记住。

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