Mar 142012
Social Media Experiment

Social Media Experiment Update 5 – aka – “What is the social media experiment update after negligible social media interaction for several months?”

As you may have read in my last post, my personal life took an abrupt change in course on December 16th when my son begged me to homeschool him.  In order to add in such a huge, time-consuming, commitment into my life, I chose to back-burner this social media experiment until I could recapture more time.

Interestingly, just as calories impact your body whether you count them or not, I have discovered that the social media experiment rolls on whether or not I tend it.

This update is about what happened to my social media numbers between December 18, 2011 to March 01, 2012. In general, all of my numbers did better than I expected.  The rate of increase was much slower than it had been previously, but still, there was an increase in blog traffic, followers, fans and friends. The two metrics which showed the biggest decline were my “XeeMe” points and my Empire Avenue social media stock price.  Everything else pretty much held steady.  (In the past few days of social media activity, my XeeMe and Empire Avenue numbers are on an upward trend, as you will see in my social media experiment update on Friday.)

Frankly, I am pleasantly surprised by the results.  I am very curious to hear your opinions on a few things, so after you read this, PLEASE share a comment below about why you think I continued to have traffic and an increase in some of my social media metrics.

So here is the update:

This blog started on November 11. It has 9 11 posts currently.

There are 218 242 comments on the blog, 67 of which are my responses to comments.  175 comments are from blog visitors.

I have had 1427 2186 unique visitors and 536 816 returning visitors since Nov 1. A total of 1963 3002 visits.

Social Media Presence Change Since Dec 18

Thanks to Google Analytics and to TwentyFeet, I am able to see the traffic and my number of Twitter/Facebook followers on any particular day.  If you want to track your Twitter, Facebook Page and Profile, and YouTube followers, I strongly recommend TwentyFeet to track these and other social media site metrics.

This blog received 1242 visitors while I was gone.  Not an amazing number but still – more than I expected for an untended and non-promoted blog.

My Twitter followers increased by 18 followers.

My FB friends increased by 49 friends and my FB fans increased by 13.

Klout fell 6 points and my PeerIndex held steady.  XeeMe and my Empire Avenue stock both fell quite a bit.

I totally recognize that these numbers are completely unremarkable.  However, as I say that, I realize this blog was only a month-and-a-half old before I went on hiatus, and I was on hiatus for several months.  So, the fact that this blog got any traffic at all completely surprises me!

Where did this traffic come from?

Here is the breakdown of my top ten traffic sources:

So, there you have it, the social media update number 5. All in all, the numbers are much better than I feared. The experiment continues and I hope you will follow the journey. On Friday, March 16, I will post social media experiment update 6 with the numbers for Mar 1 to March 15.  Thanks for reading!

Below is the summary of social media experiment updates:

Nov-1 Nov-3 Nov-15 Nov-30 Dec-18 Mar-1
Twitter Followers 3,051 3,155 3,545 3,778 4,025 4,043
Facebook Friends 582 608 669 693 763 812
Facebook Fans 579 584 616 622 659 672
Visitors 0 78 814 1,172 1,963 3,002
Unique Visitors 0 34 579 845 1,427 2,186
Klout 51 51 51 57 59 53
PeerIndex 37 38 44 48 49 49
XeeMe PV 379 470 2,814 668 386 199
Empire Ave 106 107 107 101 112 80
Followers +/- 104 390 233 247 18
Friends +/- 26 61 24 70 49
Fans +/- 5 32 6 37 13
Visitors +/- 34 545 266 582 759
Klout +/- 0 0 6 2 -5
PeerIndex +/- 1 6 4 1 0
XeeMe Pv +/- 91 2,344 -2,146 -282 -187
Empire Ave +/- 1 0 -6 12 -32
Followers +/- 104 494 727 974 992
Friends +/- 26 87 111 181 230
Fans +/- 5 37 43 80 93
Visitors +/- 34 579 845 1,427 2,186
Klout +/- 0 0 6 8 2
PeerIndex +/- 1 7 11 12 12
XeeMe Pv +/- 91 2,435 289 7 -180
Empire Ave +/- 1 1 -5 6 -26

  13 Responses to “Social Media Experiment Update 5”

  1. Which gives you the warmer feeling inside, watching and measuring your metrics or home schooling your son. No, I’m not being sarcastic. I am genuinely interested in your response. (Think of it as my little social media experiment.)

  2. Absolutely home schooling my son. It has been a wonderful, amazing time and I am sooo happy that we are doing this. He has been able to develop some great habits as a self-directed learner, so I am able to pick up some of my other projects – but these projects do not in any way compare with the joy I feel from home schooling him. Good question, Rick!

  3. OK, you are the Queen of metrics, and this comes from a guy who keeps similar spreadsheets. Very impressed by your Daily Follower growth history.

    • Thanks Dennis! I appreciate the praise!! BTW – I loved your post about the marketing funnel is now a circle in the social media age – we have to have that circle of trust, don’t we!!

  4. Great post Mindy! Really unique. Congratulations. first thing I noticed is that those things related with your influence weren’t affected by your drastic change of life, while the so called “measurement of influence” dropped significantly. This demonstrate that these are only frequency based measures with have nothing to do with your influence, with is linked to reputation which is linked to people, to the content e in general to the meaning. Things that no measurement beyond humen being are able to measure. So you are an influencer for me even more now that you have to change habit because what we learned from you make a lot od sense. Thanks Mindy

  5. Welcome back, Mindy! I missed seeing you online. I’m glad to hear that homeschooling is going well for both you and your son. At the risk of prying, I’m curious to know what some of your son’s reasons were for wanting to be homeschooled. (If you’d rather not say, I completely understand.) I’m not too surprised that your blog traffic has continued, since I’m sure you optimized your pages well and had such good posts.

    • Thanks, Mitch! Without going into too much detail, I will say that he was in a peer situation that made him feel disturbed and uncomfortable. Going to school became something he dreaded.

      It was a hard decision for us to make. The school is GREAT. Maryland schools are awesome and we moved in this house to be in this school district. His teachers genuinely liked him and I felt he was getting a great education.

      When he first brought up wanting to school at home, my response was no. I didn’t say that though. I said, I will look into it. After looking into it for a week, his father and I both had completely changed our response, to our complete surprise. It became something we KNEW we needed to do although logically I felt like he was at a great school.

  6. Two comments, your numbers moving forward despite a hiatus is very encouraging to me since right now in my world getting any numbers is like pushing a boulder up a hill! There is hope apparently. Second, I homeschooled my kids from kindergarten through high school and it was a terrific experience. It bonded us in a great way. Even though they are now off in college and working, we are still very close. So, have a blast with your son. I think I enjoyed the field trips and group classes as much or more than my kids did and I finally learned basic grammar.

    • I feel very relieved myself that the numbers still moved forward. It is nice to feel I haven’t lost all momentum completely. I know what you mean about finally learning basic grammar! We just started diagramming sentences :)

  7. Wow Mindy! These are some serious stats! I myself love using Google Analytics and twentyfeet. What’s surprising to see is that brings lots of traffic to websites. I have seen this in one of my clients GA last year. Not sure how and why this happens. Would love to learn more on this. Further, how stats from sumbleupon show up ? I have always regarded stumbleupon a great traffic driver. And now Pinterest. But for Pinterest I know we have to optimize the website nicely with optimum images on every blog post but it seems to be worth it.
    As far as home schooling is concerned, as mom I can tell you that I know how it feels and nothing on earth could have stopped you or for that matter any mom. So keep going!

  8. Nice one Mindy.

    That XeeMe PV score is all over the place like mine. I’m the only one who has ever gotten a badge for a XeeMe PV of more than 10,000 and that’s exactly 1 months ago. Now it’s down to 1,615 lol

    What gives?


  9. Good to know you are doing fine with your figures and statistics!! and congratulations on deciding about homeschooling your son. Even though, it is slight off topic but is it possible if you can share your home schooling experience in one of your blog post. I am researching about homeschooling but I am still confuse it it is right thing to do!!

  10. This is great Mindy, I especially took note of your follower growth rate. I’m actually contemplating on doing this myself to be able to more or less measure the efficiency of the SEO and marketing techniques I have employed. Thanks.

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