Dec 012011
Social Media Experiment

So, how has the social media experiment been doing?

I didn’t accomplish all that I had hoped to this month – but I feel really great about it!  Especially since the past two weeks I have been pretty laid up with a “social media blogger pain in the neck re-injury“.

So, how did the first month of the social media experiment blog go?

This blog is 30 days old. It has 8 posts currently. There are 143 comments on the blog, 38 of which are my responses to comments. 105 comments are from blog visitors.  I have had 845 unique visitors and 327 returning visitors in the past 30 days. A total of 1172 visits.

Social Media Presence Change in the Past 15 Days

(Remember the past 15 days, I have been mostly laid up with a neck injury.)

My Twitter followers has increased by 233 followers.

My FB friends has increased by 24 friends and my FB fans has increased by 6.

My Klout and my PeerIndex have both increased.

My XeeMe XPV dropped considerably as I expected since that wasn’t my main promotional strategy during the last 15 days.  It is still higher than my number started though. I am pleased about that.

These numbers are far less than I had planned but they happened with little additional work from me since I was laid up.

I have included a list of my top referring sites at the bottom of this post.

Also, if you want to see the progress, you can see my progress report spreadsheet at

                        Nov-1	Nov-3	Nov-15	Nov-30
Twitter Followers	3051	3155	3545	3778
Facebook Friends	582	608	669	693
Facebook Fans	        579	584	616	622
Visitors	        0	78	814	1172
Unique Visitors	        0	34	579	845
Klout	                51.12	51.36	50.94	57
PeerIndex	        37	38	44	48
XeeMe PV	        379	470	2814	668

Followers +/-		        104	390	233
Friends +/-		        26	61	24
Fans +/-		        5	32	6
Visitors +/-		        34	545	266
Klout +/-		        0.24	-0.42	6.06
PeerIndex +/-		        1	6	4
XeeMe Pv +/-		        91	2344	-2146

Followers +/-		        104	494	727
Friends +/-		        26	87	111
Fans +/-		        5	37	43
Visitors +/-		        34	579	845
Klout +/-		        0.24	-0.18	5.88
PeerIndex +/-		        1	7	11
XeeMe Pv +/-		        91	2435	289

Social Media Experiment Referrers: 2011-11-01 to Today

Referrer Views
Social Media ExperimentFacebook 318
Social Media 118
Social Media ExperimentTwitter 109
Social Media 90
Social Media 65
Social Media 31
Social Media ExperimentStumbleUpon 26
Social Media ExperimentGoogle+ 20
Social Media ExperimentSearch Engines 20
Social Media 15
Social Media 13
Social Media 12
Social Media 10
Social Media 10
Photo used by Creative Commons License.  Found on Flickr: 2Child-Microscope by a-small-lab.

  16 Responses to “Social Media Experiment Update 3”

  1. wow great keep it up

  2. Interesting progress, but have you got a clue as to why your XeeMe figures fell? What do you do with

    • I totally know why the XeeMe figures fell. They rose sharply during a XeeMe event called XBX. During XBX we had a large cross-promotion of ten XeeMe pages, mine being one of them. I expected a sharp rise and large fall after the event. I just wanted to see my ending numbers still be higher than my beginning numbers.

      XBX was totally worth it – I made great associations, met a lot of people I wouldn’t have otherwise, and enjoyed the whole process.

  3. This is exciting Mindy, the success is a factor of how much effort you put in and these numbers are not bad… goodluck!

  4. I’m following now your advice and hope to see some improvement soon :)

  5. You are doing great Mindy. It is fun to be on the same path with you!

  6. Wow, I’m totally impressed with the in-depth study you’ve done, but I have a dumb question… Is the blog you’re analyzing this one? And (no good segue here…) you remind me I HAVE to buy a new mouse!

  7. Very interesting website you got here. As a blogger I appreciate your efforts very much. I will be coming back when I’ve got time to checkout your older post. regards

  8. Must. Resist. Looking at earlier posts.

    I think these are pretty amazing stats for a month of concentrated effort. On the one hand it is a testimony to your hard work, and a growing savvy about which networks are important and which are not.

    On the other hand, it reminds me of the year my mom passed away. I packed up my kids and we spent a few months in Atlanta, taking care of her, arranging for her funeral, selling my childhood home, getting my elderly aunt ready to move to Jersey. Not the best environment in which to homeschool.

    And yet, about 6 months later, I routinely had my daughter tested using the CTBS, which is what we were using at the time as an evaluation tool, and her science scores were in the stratosphere. How could this be? We had done virtually NO homeschooling while away, or in the fog of grief after we returned to NJ.

    Basically, she had spent lots of time watching Bill Nye the Science Guy and Magic School Bus, day after day while i was otherwise occupied. Part of me was glad about what she learned, but the other part couldn’t help asking what those tests really measure if all you have to do to ace them is spend some time watching PBS shows.

    Same thing with these stats, networks, measurements, etc. What do they really measure? And does it really matter? I don’t need to know your Klout/Kred/PeerIndex/BlaBlaBla scores or your EA share price, or how many followers you have on Twitter to know you are someone I want to follow, who posts great information that I want to know.

    Just sayin. Wondered what your conclusions about all this are, and would love to hear other comments also.

  9. I love your social media experiment Mindy! You’re doing great a great job with it. I’ll be watching for more results.

  10. Wow!!! that’s a lot of visitors!! I’m working on my blog for almost 6 months now and I have less than 50 visitors per day!!! how do you do that?

  11. Wow, you’ve really done a thorough study. Great work.

  12. I love detailed posts like this, rooted in actual experience. It helps provide a roadmap through what is a rather confusing and ever changing maze. Keep them coming!

  13. Great numbers! Being present in the social media is really helpful in promoting any blog and any affiliate marketing site.

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