Nov 152011

Okay, time for a little check in on how the social media experiment is going!

Overall, my blog presence and my social media presence has grown over the last 15 days.

Blog Presence

This blog is 15 days old. It has 6 posts currently.  There are 96 comments on the blog, 24 of which are my responses to comments.  72 comments are from blog visitors.  I have had 579 unique visitors and 217 returning visitors in the past 15 days.

Social Media Presence

My Twitter followers has increased by 390 followers.  I am not doing anything to game getting followers.  No “tweetadder”, no “tweetattack”, no mass follow/unfollow.

My FB friends has increased by 61 friends and my FB fans has increased by 32.

My Klout has dropped off a litte bit but my PeerIndexed has increased. Go figure.  Klout – down 1 point.  PeerIndex is up 7 points.

My XeeMe XPV has exploded but that is completely expected because XeeMe was my major promotion tool last week.  I expect that number to drop quite a bit as I a move onto other promotional strategies.

Now – are these phenomenal numbers?  No.  I could game the system and increase these numbers dramatically.  But are these real, white hat numbers? YES.  These are numbers that anyone could replicate.

So, what really have I done to increase my numbers? I will tell you all about it in my next blog post.  It will be lengthy but I think you will find it worthwhile.

Also, if you want to see the progress, you can see my progress report spreadsheet at

                        Nov 1   Nov 3   Nov 15
Twitter Followers	3051	3155	3545
Facebook Friends	582	608	669
Facebook Fans	        579	584	616
Unique Visitors	        0	34	579
Klout	                51.12	51.36	50.94
PeerIndex	        37	38	44
XeeMe PV	        379	470	2814

Since last measured
Followers +/-		        104	390
Friends +/-		        26	61
Fans +/-		        5	32
Visitors +/-		        34	545
Klout +/-		        0.24	-0.42
PeerIndex +/-		        1	6
XeeMe Pv +/-		        91	2344
Followers +/-		        	494
Friends +/-		        	87
Fans +/-		        	37
Visitors +/-		        	579
Klout +/-		        	-0.18
PeerIndex +/-		        	7
XeeMe Pv +/-		        	2435

I haven’t yet done any guest blogging even much blog commenting so far, so I plan to start that this week.  Also, I want to create a minimally viable product over the next 15 days and see if I can start to monetize this blog.  And, I want to get over a thousand unique visitors before the month is over.  So, those are the goals!

Mindy Koch
See my entire social presence at
See my post to know why XeeMe is a great social presence tool.

  23 Responses to “Social Media Experiment Report 2”

  1. It follows that going to XeeMe may be the place to be, as I know several that are there. Of course, will this duplicate work I’m doing elsewhere? That’s the part that has me flustered.

    • No, it doesn’t duplicate anything. It is just a place to organize your social profiles. But what is really awesome is the networking I have been able to do within XeeMe. I am a big fan!

  2. Interesting results! I’m looking forward to the next post!

    • Hopefully it will be coming out today or tomorrow!

    • By the way Chris, you have had more than three approved comments on this site. If you had a “com luv” account, you could have your comments link back to your latest blog post AND you could list your name as Chris Lewis@Wireless Geek or Chris Lewis@Zoetic Geek and your keywords would link back to your blog.

  3. I need to come back tonight, when the room is quiet and I can concentrate, and get really serious about reading this blog from top to bottom, word for word. This is all great stuff and I appreciate your taking the time to share it. Keep it up. I’ll be back. Thanks!

  4. Very interesting. To what do you attribute your Twitter follower increase?

  5. Great post, Mindy. I can’t wait to see your numbers in the spring!!

  6. Glad your numbers have been on the up! Interested to see the continued progress.

  7. I love what you are doing here. You’re sparking ideas about tracking what I’m doing with my clients so that I have a story of what to pitch to potential clients. Keep paving the way!

  8. You go! I like organic numbers and yours look GREAT!

  9. Mindy, you’re certainly putting out quality content! I’ll be very interested to see your minimally viable product so that I can learn from your monetization efforts. Keep up the good work, and thanks for connecting! :)

  10. Wow. Very cool. Congrats on your progress. I might have to check out XeeMe.. :)

  11. Hi Mindy,
    Got your site when I visited and I must Congratulate for you getting more Influencer :) I like your site and will be visiting again.


  12. Based on your figures, looks like you did a wonderful job with social media as a tool to market your blog. We must admit that it’s pretty hard to improve a site traffic especially it’s a new site. Extensive marketing is needed in making your site successful.

  13. hey mindy, you are quietly improving keep it up. Try to blog comment more and you sure will get more readers.

  14. Fascinating experiment… it seems like this could be turn into an on-line “testimonial” to social networking skills if you can keep those numbers climbing. It will be interesting to watch the experiment develop and see what direction you decide to take it.

  15. I’m enjoying reading about your progress Mindy! You’re doing a fabulous job so far. :-)

  16. Good numbers. Social media indeed is a great tool in marketing not just a blog but all other interesting products.

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