Nov 032011
Social Media Experiment

So, the social media experiment has run for two days.  Time for a progress report!

Current goals:

  1. Writing in Contentpalooza to create a lot of content to fill the blog.
  2. Being active in Contentpalooza and NaNoWriMo as a social media event to meet people.
  3. Looking for opportunities as a guest blogger.
  4. Working within my current networking circles to get visitors.
  5. Measuring how long it takes me to reach 200 unique visitors to my new blog only using social media.

In general, I feel good about my progress towards these goals.  My post yesterday about XeeMe was well received by XeeMe owner, Axel, and he has asked to have a copy of it on his blog.  A nice perk, there!  That is certainly a step in the right direction! My Contentpalooza activity is paying off in content more than in social buzz but it is still going well.  I feel good about my networking although I need to be more active in my various circles.  Launching the blog from scratch over the past two days has taken more of my time than I anticipated.

Beginning measurements:

  • Twitter followers = 3051
  • Facebook friends = 582
  • Facebook fans = 579
  • Unique visitors = 0
  • Klout = 51.12
  • PeerIndex = 37
  • XeeMe PV = 370

Measurements 48 hours later:

  • Twitter followers = 3155
  • Facebook friends = 608
  • Facebook fans =  584
  • Unique visitors = 34
  • Klout = 51.36
  • PeerIndex = 38
  • XeeMe PV = 470
  • You can view my progress report spreadsheet at

Are these astounding results? Heck no!  I am happy with them overall, though.  I am not well-known.  I am just getting off the ground in launching this blog.  I think this is a good beginning.

Also for those interested in tracking:

  • My NaNoWriMo and Contentpalooza word count is 4649.
  • You can view my word-count spreadsheet at
Mindy Koch
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Social Media Experiment Photo, “Motivational Poster” by Gerry T, used by Creative Commons License.

  9 Responses to “Social Media Experiment Report 1”

  1. I would like to share you blog in several groups as part of the general feed – I am having a hard time finding your RSS feed. Help me out with a link please.

    all my links at

  2. Great idea to document the experiment. I guess there is no spike – but an interesting development to see over the course of a week :)

  3. I am loving your ‘experiment’ Mindy. As a non-blogger about to get her own feet wet, I’d sure like to know about NaNoWriMo and Contentpalooza. What are they and what value do the offer for you as you get started with blogging?

    …Can’t wait to see your end results!

    • At the moment, Contentpalooza is kicking my butt!! Having to create 1700 words of content every day is hard enough when it is rough draft quality but when I am trying to use those words in blog posts I plan to publish that day or in my ebook I am writing – it takes me MUCH longer to write those words than I anticipated.

      They don’t really offer much help with getting started blogging but for my personality, it helps to force me to create content and I am meeting people in a completely different social sphere!

  4. Hey this is great stuff Mindy. Love the numbers, and a nice increase in just two days. 0 to 34 unique visitors in 2 days. I think you’re going to be in good shape moving forward. Good content and getting the word out are the keys. You’re off to a great start…

  5. Looks like you’re getting great result with your social media experiment. These two days result is absolutely a great improvement on your part. Especially now that there are lots of people who are also trying their best to improve their social media visibility, standing. Great job for you!

  6. Good idea to do a Contentpalooza! I can’t wait to see the numbers grow.

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