Nov 302011
Social Media Blogger Pain in the Neck Warnings

This tongue-in-cheek post is about social media blogger “Pain in the Neck” warnings and not about digital identity or what I have done so far to grow my blog traffic like you probably expected. ~If English is not your first language, tongue-in-cheek means “not serious” or “in humor”.~ Unnecessary Social Media Blogger “Pain in the Neck” Warnings [...]

Nov 152011

Okay, time for a little check in on how the social media experiment is going! Overall, my blog presence and my social media presence has grown over the last 15 days. Blog Presence This blog is 15 days old. It has 6 posts currently.  There are 96 comments on the blog, 24 of which are [...]

Nov 112011
7 Tools To Discover Your Digital Identity

Digital Identity In the last blog post, “Digital Identity and Search“, we discussed the fact that all the information available about you online contributes to your digital identity.   In this post, you and I are going to visit seven tools you can use to discover the personal information and grade the professional impression that [...]

Nov 032011
Social Media Experiment Report 1

So, the social media experiment has run for two days.  Time for a progress report! Current goals: Writing in Contentpalooza to create a lot of content to fill the blog. Being active in Contentpalooza and NaNoWriMo as a social media event to meet people. Looking for opportunities as a guest blogger. Working within my current networking [...]

Nov 012011
Social Media Events

I want to take advantage of any timely social media events happening to help me gain momentum as I launch my blog. By doing this, I am able to use the momentum, word of mouth, and social camaraderie created by the event to help create some momentum, word of mouth, and social camaraderie about what I am trying to [...]

Nov 012011
Social Media Experiment

Social Drivers is a social media experiment by me, Mindy Koch, about using social media to brand yourself online. I am experimenting with social media (not SEO) strategies and tracking their results to determine which social media actions truly result in successfully building an online brand.  As I do this, I am providing step-by-step instructions along the way so [...]