Apr 222012
Twylah - Social Media Tools

You may be asking yourself, what the heck are these wacky words? XeeMe? XWeek? Twylah? Are these even real words?

Yup, these are real words! Two of these words are the names of two social media tools and the other word is the name of a social media event. If you are involved in social media marketing, you may be interested to know a lot more about all three of these wacky words. :)

XeeMe is my favorite social media presence tool. It is used to organize and promote all of your social media presence links. You can see all the reasons I love XeeMe here at XeeMe-A Great Social Media Presence Tool  I think everyone in social media should have a XeeMe.

Twylah is my new favorite twitter platform. It takes all of your existing tweets and puts them into a format that is SEO friendly, social media friendly, and so very eye-catching. To see all the things I really love about Twylah, check out my last post New Features Make Twylah A Social Media Must-Have Tool

XWeek is a an event where the leaders and power-networkers of XeeMe focus on a learning about and promoting a specific emerging social media tool. XWeek takes place every other week to help social media marketers make the most out of social media, and to stay at the forefront of emerging social media technology. You really should take advantage of XWeek. It is free and awesome and you get to know great social media networkers and the CEOs of some really slick social media tools.

This week’s XWeek focus was on “Twylah” by Eric and Kelly Kim.

On April 18th, there was a webinar with Eric Kim. On April 19th, there were two twitter chats with Kelly Kim. XeeMe power-networkers also wrote blog posts about Twylah, made List.lys, and did a  video interview. The privacy policy of Twylah was analyzed, and, most exciting of all, there were new features in Twylah announced.

My personal experience with this week’s XWeek was awesome.  I was able to meet and speak with Eric and Kelly both. They are both really great people. I was able to truly understand Twylah and to have my eyes opened about what an amazing tool it is. The social media addict part of me loves it for its social value, while my SEO side is totally geeked out about the possibilites to marry twitter socialness with search engine optimization.

I want to close out this Twylah focused Xweek by urging everyone in social media to get a XeeMe and their Twylah. XeeMe’s are easy to obtain and take a little bit of time to setup. Twylah is a bit tougher to get but is an absolute zero effort breeze to set up. I am pretty confident that if you say request your Twylah invite and let Kelly or Eric know via Twitter that you heard about Twylah from XWeek, you will receive your invite right away.

To show you the values of XeeMe and Twylah – I am closing out this article with links on behalf some of the XWeek supporters. Connect with them through their XeeMe. You can see their Klout, their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other profiles on their XeeMe. Get to know what they talk about via their Twylah. Maybe they are interested in the same things you are and you can make another great social media connection.

But before I close, I want to let you know that the next few XWeeks are already scheduled and planned.

Upcoming XWeeks
Qwikr.me – week of April 30 <–Sign up here to take part in the next XWeek!
Connect.Me – week of May 14
Favo.rs – week of May 21 

Please sign up for these social media services (Qwikr.mr, Connect.me, and Favo.rs) and become familiar with them. Join us for the related Xweek and speak directly with the owners and power users of these platforms and explore any questions you have or learn about best practices.

I really hope to see you during the next XWeek with Kimberly Reynolds of Qwikr.me starting on April 30.

And now, to close, some XWeek supporters and their XeeMe/Twlah links. If you have a XeeMe or a Twylah link, please feel free to add your links below in the comment sections. **If you put your comment in the COMLUV comment section, you can use keywords after your name in the name box and receive a link to your latest blog post.**


  18 Responses to “Hey Social Media Marketer, Did You Miss XWeek, XeeMe, And Twylah?”

  1. I have used Twylah for several months now and I am always looking for new ways to connect. Xeeme has done that for me. In just a few days of activity, I have people connected with me on so many of my platforms. It’s been fun and informative. The Xweek was a great idea. I am on Connect.me, but not on either Qwikr.me or Favo.rs so I am looking forward to learning more about those platforms. Thank you for a great post.

    • I agree with you, Dorien. There are certain moments where my Social Media path took a dramatic turn for the better. Empire Avenue was one (for me). Building my XeeMe AND GETTING TO KNOW AXEL, was certainly another moment where things turned for me dramatically.

      A lot of the magic of XeeMe is the ability to connect on multiple platforms. For me, though, the magic has been the networking within the XeeMe Power Networking group and Axel.

  2. Thanks for the post Mindy. XWeek is a great way to learn more about tools and the personalities behind the tools. Although I have have tweeted much with Kelly Kim (@twylah), I learned a lot more about her in the interview.

    • I love how social media allows us to get to know people we never would have otherwise met. Like you and like Kelly!

      BTW – after seeing your blog post above, I am pretty curious. I need to go check out my Linkedin completeness!

  3. Thank yo for providing this overview!

  4. I have been checking out Twylah and XeeMe and finding that there are so many social networks around now it is hard to keep up with them all.

  5. Agree!! That is exactly why I love XeeMe! It is the only way I can keep up with them all! I store all my links in one place, and then every day, I scan my XeeMe and decide where I need to spend an extra 10-20 minutes besides my usual top four networks. :)

  6. Thank you Mindy for all your hard work. We really appreciate it.

  7. Whoo hoo!! Great list…and I’m on it! Yah!! Thanks Mindy. I’m honored. :-)

  8. I agree! XeeMe is my favorite social networking site…its simple, easy and the beast way to categorize your presence on the web! I just recently got my score past 400 and i’m thrilled!

  9. I missed the Twylah webinar this week but I’m excited about the ongoing weekly features. Great recap Mindy, and thanks for promoting your Xee-friends!

  10. Too many tools! That’s a good thing, right?

    I have a Twylah account, but have not done much with it. Also, need to get on Xeeme. Thanks for all the great info. Will go exploring.

  11. Thanks for the info ma’am! Good stuff!

  12. Wow! I’ve never heard of these tools and I thought I knew a bit about social media. These look great. Thanks for sifting through the social media world to bring these to us.

  13. The first thing that came into my mind after reading the topic of this email was that you are talking about Facebook apps. Excellent, I didn’t know about that event like XWeek take place on social media. Both XeeMe and Twylah look like perfect tools for internet marketers. Thank you for sharing these useful tools!!!

  14. Brilliant Post Mindy – and thanks for all of the mentions you Rock :)

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