Mar 012012

Social Media Experiment Update 5-1: first the explaining, then the monkey resuscitating.

On December 16, my son came to me with a list of reasons justifying why he strongly felt the need to be pulled out of public school.  He begged me to please homeschool him.  I was not the least bit interested in adding homeschooling to my already full plate, but I promised him that his dad and I would look into the situation.

After a week of deliberating and investigating, we reluctantly concluded that he did need to be pulled from his school, and that I would homeschool him after the holidays end.  He’s in the 7th grade and we were genuinely fearful about adding such a grave responsibility on to our (mostly MY) shoulders.

Homeschooling completely threw my life out-of-order.  I started from scratch and dived in with gusto and determination.  Life dramatically went out of balance as my son and I experimented with what curricula worked for us and what didn’t.  Optional projects, such as this experiment, social media time, and a few other side projects fell to the wayside as I focused solely on my son’s homeschool and my paid client work.

I felt guilty and horrible about the lack of attention to the side projects, but also confident I would get a groove going and would add them back into my life as soon as I could. I continuously needed “one more day” to get my life in balance.

That changed when I decided to consider my monkeys.

A few days ago, I was reminded of a Ken Blanchard book I read a long time ago: The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey. Brilliant little book, it is my favorite of the One Minute Manager series.  The general premise is that we all have responsibilities (projects needing the next step completed) on our backs.  Monkeys, if you will.  Often, we run around with “other people’s monkeys” and end up ignoring our own.

I pondered my situation and decided to take a pulse on my monkeys; I created a list I termed “Mindy’s Monkey Management”.

I listed the monkeys on my back:

My “Healthy” Monkeys:

My “Other People’s” Monkeys: <–quite a bit of my son’s homeschool and my parenting choices fell in this category.

My “Hungry” Monkeys:

My “Dying” Monkeys: <–This, of course, was where “ – a social media experiment” had to be listed.

I was at a crucible moment with my “dying” monkeys list.  I decided these monkeys either needed to die or thrive.  One or the other.

I realized that I LOVED this monkey (the social media experiment) and I wanted this monkey to thrive.  I needed to get rid of a lot of other monkeys so that I could properly feed and care for this poor, dying one.  I triaged my lists thoroughly.  I moved all the other people’s monkeys to their rightful owners and put some monkeys on a mostly automated feeder requiring a lot less work from me.

Now, I felt comfortable that I could resuscitate and care for this beloved monkey like I truly desired.

So, if my dear social media friends are willing to welcome me back, I would love to come back into your social media lives and to have you back into mine.

  12 Responses to “Explanations and Monkey Resuscitations”

  1. I see your monkeys, and raise you mine ;) Good to have you back, Mindy. Stay sane, so I don’t have to….

  2. When life gets busy we are certainly more “alive”, if only out of necessity. Have you considered PLR articles for your blog? This could save you some writing time. Or you could merge your blog into one about Social Media and Homeschooling LOL. Best wishes for a good solution.

  3. I can understand totally Mindy, as I am a full time teacher running a travel business in my off hours. It’s not easy but we do what we have to do sometimes.

    • I totally understand. It is hard to juggle it all! Family demands, my online marketing business with paying clients, my interest in side projects – such as this blog and a few other side projects I have, now adding homeschooling, plus my volunteer work with teenage girls, and my fitness and health goals – I need a clone to do it all!

  4. I can relate as well. I’m in a house with 3 kids ranging from 8 to 14. Never a dull moment especially with job, financial issues, etc. But thanks to the CoWorking (Support) Group, I somehow keep my Sanity (well at least some of it).

    Hang in there!

  5. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t at all your point but: did homeschooling stick?

    • Oh yes – it is going GREAT!! We have found a routine and system that works for us, thank heavens! I am loving it and so is my son. My husband is determined that my son goes back to public school next year, but my son is already asking to please continue this. He says he is so much happier now and he and I are having a GREAT TIME! Plus, he is really learning so much! I am amazed at how well it is going!

      Thanks for asking, Matt!

  6. Mindy, strange I found your website… especially about your social media experiment. I was doing some research on social media and homeschooling when I came across your site. The Ken Blanchard books sounds quite interesting. I have 3 kids (2 are now in college) so only one left in homeschooling.

    Do you have another site or places where you are posting about what you’re doing with homeschooling? I’d be very interested in reading that too.



  7. Social medias are connecting people from all around the world and you got to love this monkey. You will never feel alone in this era of technology. :D

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