Sep 102012
Two Productivity Tools - Do It Tomorrow and Alarms App

My Productivity Challenge!

Every day, I face a productivity challenge – I have more to do than I can do in the number of hours that I am willing to devote to work. I have tried numerous strategies to solve this problem and many, many tools. I finally have settled on a productivity solution that works for me.

What I love about this system – there really is no past. I am always able to succeed  RIGHT NOW. I am focused on only two days , TODAY and not-today, with the major emphasis being on TODAY!

The two productivity tools I use to stay focused all day are “Do It Tomorrow app” and “Alarms app”. Do It Tomorrow is a web-based tool and Alarms app is for the Mac. I don’t know of a windows-based tool that does the same thing but hopefully a reader might and can suggest one. I am merely sharing what works for me!

Two Productivity Tools Video

Because it is kind of hard to explain how it works – I have created a YouTube video showing you how I use these two productivity tools to create my daily workflow. If you are kind enough to watch it, please give it a thumbs up or a comment if it was useful :)

AGAIN – the reason I love this current productivity setup that I have is that it PUSHES ME FORWARD. Do It Tomorrow pushes me forward daily – and alarms pushes me forward throughout each day. THERE IS NO PAST. There is only NOW and nearly now. This works for me psychologically. It is like there is no failure, there is only this moment to be productive and successful.

For those who don’t want to watch the nearly seven minute video, I will try to do a quick synopsis of how I use these two productivity tools.

Two Productivity Tools Synopsis

First thing I do when I sit down to work is open “Do It Tomorrow”. Everything that wasn’t accomplished yesterday automatically shows up on today’s list. In fact, everything I have to do shows up on today’s list. I scan the list, pick the top ones I need to do today, and push everything else off until tomorrow. (I can easily add it back to today if I choose to.)

Then, I take the tasks that I have committed to accomplish today and I schedule them in my alarms app to create an outline of the workflow of my day.

As I work throughout my day, I cross things off of my Do It Tomorrow list if they are finished. I have alarms set thoughout the day to help me shift from one task to another. If I need more time, I simply shift my alarm time. If I am not ready to switch tasks, I can shift my alarm time easily. If I need to reschedule a task to complete it, I quickly add another alarm to go off later.

It sounds more complicated than it actually is. Both of these productivity tools are so simple to use and yet so elegant in design. I think that is one of the reasons they work for me so well.

What Productivity Tools Do You Use?

Productivity Tools

Tell me your productivity tools!

Please sound off in the comments! Let me know if you watched the video! Let me know if you found this post helpful at all!

Please let me know what productivity tools you use to stay focused all day!

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