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Help carry the social media experiment message

For the first month and a-half that I have conducted this social media experiment, I’ve focused solely on laying the foundation to promote a blog solely through social media. If you were to check the dates of my blog posts, you would  clearly see I haven’t adhered to the standard blog launch advice of “publish fast and publish often“.

In fact, I have done the opposite. “Publish fast and often” advice is great for SEO purposes for blog launching, but since I don’t want SEO to dramatically affect my experiment results, I have intentionally published less often.

In fact, during this time, I haven’t focused on promoting my blog much at all.  Instead, I have focused on building relationships from scratch with many, many people and have become part of seven different marketing cooperatives (or tribes) where other people promote my blog in exchange for me promoting their blogs.

It has been great fun connecting in these “tribes”. I am thriving in the SOCIAL part of social marketing. I have met some amazing people, I have gotten to know completely new resources, and I have grown a solid foundation for the social media experiment I am conducting. Honestly, it has been a blast so far.

The phrase “I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of the efforts of 1 person” takes on a true meaning when marketing like this. I honestly feel that is what I have right now. I actually do have access to  about 100 people around the world willing to tweet, share, and stumble my blog on my behalf and it feels GREAT!

Because of these relationships I have built, I am confident that when I make a blog post, if it is a share-worthy, I have 7 tribes of people primed to promote my new post for me!  It is AWESOME and I truly do appreciate the efforts of all my new friends who share my content – on Twitter, on Facebook, and most importantly, on my blog.

  • What do I give these awesome people in return for promoting my blog posts for me?
    • I do the same for them.
  • Can any blogger do this?
    • Absolutely.
  • Should bloggers do this?
    • I think so. 
  • Is this hard to do?
    • No, not at all!  In fact, it is quite fun.
  • Does it cost?
    • Definitely. Like all things in social media – the cost is TIME. I don’t know who coined the phrase “social media is free like a free puppy” but that is a brilliant analogy. A free puppy comes with steep care and opportunity costs.  That is exactly how it is in Social Media. Each of these resources exerts a time cost on me.

So what are my current 7 resources (or tribes) where other people promote my blog posts?

  1. Empire Avenue Communities (free – but have to play a social stock game)
  2. Facebook Groups (free – some are invite only)
  3. XeeMe (free and can include free membership in an active power-networking Facebook group)
  4. Triberr (free but invite only)
  5. TribePro (free with paid versions)
  6. JustReTweet (free with paying options)
  7. My Fans/Friends/Followers (free)
I will cover these groups briefly:

Resource One: Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is a really fun social stock game that forces you to address your social media activity levels. What I find fascinating about this game is that it can completely change your social media activity level. Random tweeting becomes regular tweeting. FourSquare becomes part of your errands. Pictures now become Instagram photos. It is a fun game where your social media activity levels are the product.

Warning: The Empire Avenue social stock game is addictive and time-consuming.  I have had to learn to play it efficiently.

Do I recommend it?  YES. Some of the best connections I have made in social media I can directly attribute to my time playing Empire Avenue.

The real networking (in my opinion) happens in the communities and when you extend the connections from the game to other social platforms.  I actively interact on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Youtube, and Linkedin with people I met on EA. You can promote your blog on your profile, in shout-outs, in the communities, and in shareholder missions.

Use the communities and the shareholder missions to have people at the ready to market your blog posts for you!

Resource Two: Facebook Groups

Many of the people I interact with in my Facebook social media promotion groups are people I met through playing Empire Avenue.

Each group has daily or weekly missions to promote group members YouTube channels, Twitter profiles, Facebook fan pages, blog posts, or whatever other social media promotions are needed.

It does take time to promote other people every day, but the benefits are so worth it.  It isn’t just networking – it is building friendships.  And while I am promoting their content, they are promoting mine.  NICE!  (Every group I am in does let you control whether to actively participate in the promotional tasks every day.  Not many people are able to do them all, all the time.) These groups are GREAT.

If you aren’t a member of any Facebook groups like this, and you are an active blogger/Tweeter/Facebooker, – let me know if you want to to be invited to a group. Send me a direct message on twitter at  If you aren’t following me on Twitter, you will need to follow me first to send me a direct message.

Resource Three: XeeMe

Through my experiences in Empire Avenue, I was introduced to XeeMe and its owner, AxelS.  I have thoroughly discussed XeeMe in my blog post about XeeMe as a Great Social Presence Tool . I am a huge fan of this social media tool.

Here is how XeeMe counts as one of my social media tribes:

Other XeeMe members help promote each other and connect with each other through our profiles. I have included my blog in the “What’s Up” section of my XeeMe social presence organizer. When other XeeMe members promote my XeeMe for me, they are also promoting my blog and all my social media profiles.  It truly does help to drive traffic here.  I have checked my Google Analytics and using XeeMe works.

Also, there is a great power-networking group on Facebook where we help each other promote our XeeMe profiles and meet other users.  I have made contacts through XeeMe and the power-networking group specifically that I can count on to promote my blog posts and they know they can count on me to do the same.

Resource Four: Triberr

My fourth tribe is Triberr.  Triberr is completely composed of tribes of people who have mutually agreed to promote each others’ blog posts.  It is free but is invite only.  As you build your other social connections in Empire Avenue, on Facebook, and Twitter, you should meet some triberrs who, if impressed with you, will invite you into one of their tribes. That is what happened for me.

In all honesty, I was interested in Triberr earlier but was turned off by the automated promotion of fellow tribemates content.

What if my fellow tribemates’ content was lame?  What if it was completely off-topic from what I usually discuss?  What if it was off-color? I don’t swear and I don’t want to automatically send any tweets that have swear words in them.

So, despite my interest in Triberr, I stayed away from it.

Recently, Triberr changed their format to have manual sharing.  Much better, in my opinion! As soon as I found someone in one of my Facebook groups looking for new tribesmates, I jumped at the chance to be in Triberr.  I have truly benefited from my membership there and have met quite a few social media marketers that I had not yet crossed paths with and as a result, I have expanded my social reach nicely.

Resource Five: TribePro

TribePro is an interesting place.

It seems to mostly be inhabited by network marketers and thus I have access to a completely different group of people to share my content. Because they are marketers, many of them write content that is worth curating and does match my brand enough that the time spent there is worth it.

TribePro is very free-flowing.  I have complete control of the content I promote and much of it I don’t.  A lot of the blog posts aren’t applicable to my current brand. I have found some great gems though in there.  Great content, great marketers, and many people committed to promoting one another.

It is nice to reach a completely different group of people like I do in TribePro because I currently have quite a bit of overlap in my Empire Avenue communities, Facebook Groups, and Triberr.

(Full disclosure – I joined TribePro a while ago but didn’t do much with my membership.)

Resource Six: JustRetweet

JustRetweet is a very new service that is similar to Twiends. What I really like about JustRetweet is the quality bloggers who are behind the service. I heard about JustRetweet from Gail Gardener of who I completely respect.  She is one of the joint venture partners of this service. Ilene Smith of is involved and active there as well. The service is VERY new and I believe it will grow and become more robust as more quality bloggers get involved.  I don’t see any downside to trying out the service at this time.

Most of the members of JustRetweet are people I don’t cross socially cross paths with; so again, I am gaining access to a completely untouched part of the twitterverse by using this service.  The site is too new to have attracted spammers and junk accounts and blackhatters trying to autobot game the system like you can see with other services.  For that alone, I am enjoying JustRetweet.  I suggest giving it a try!

I wanted to support this blossoming service so I did pay to be a featured member in November and December.

Resource Seven: Fans/Friends/Followers

Besides TribePro, this last resource is the other one that wasn’t built completely from nothing as part of the launch of this experiment.  I have given you full disclosure of my fans/friends/followers numbers from the beginning of this blog and update you every 15 days as those numbers change.  I have done little to intentionally build these numbers during this phase of building my “social media share wheel”.  I do have some pre-existing followers/friends/fans who I can count on to promote my content but most of my current interactions on Twitter and Facebook are with people I have met since launching this blog and who are in the other hubs.

I am including this resource because I believe that every social marketer should be able to count on their friends/fans/followers to help pass the word about their quality content.

So there you have it! My current seven killer resources to have other people promote your blog post!

Lest it sound Machiavellian ,and as if I have been on the prowl for people to promote my blog posts for me, I want to make it clear that I have made true, sincere genuine friendships and feel great loyalty and gratitude to everyone that I cooperatively promote with. I feel privileged to have met the people I have met and to have made the connections that I have. 

Now you know what I have done (besides recovering from my neck injury and working in my local business marketing company) for the past 45 days to launch this blog. If you have any questions about any of these tribes (or this post), please let me know in the comments!

Mindy Koch
See Me Entire Social Presence Online at 
Photo used by Creative Commons License. Found on Flickr: Crowd Surfer by Portland Mike

  43 Responses to “7 Killer Resources to Have Other People Promote Your Blog Posts!”

  1. XeeMe is an amazing tool! It is the people that make it work and who stand behind you in helping to grow your business. It is so much more than a landing page with links to all of your social profiles! It is a must have in any tool-box!

    • I completely agree. People who don’t know about the AMAZING commitment and leadership and personal dedication from the owners of XeeMe and the insanely supportive members of XeeMe in the Power Networking group – XeeMe would seem just like a landing page and social media presence organizer.

      Those of us in XeeMe and truly taking advantage of its best benefits know differently though – XeeMe is a must have tool!

  2. Thank you Mindy for a very useful and thought provoking blog.

    Time to get networking :)

  3. Great post Mindy – Ivor Kellock

  4. Great resources Mindy, I learned of a few groups I was not aware of and glad I took the time to pay your blog a visit. Thanks for all you do in the community!

    • Glad I share a few with you you didn’t know about!! If you see this comment, please feel free to let me know which ones were new!!

      I see by your comluv+ link that you have discovered the awesomeness of the Tweet Scrambler!! So great!! Will check you post out and hope any other blog readers will as well!

      BTW – welcome to Social Drivers, Wayne!! Hope to see you often!

  5. Great post and good resources…Isn’t Gail Gardener of great networker and resourceful helper to all Bloggers especially new ones?

  6. Great post and I want to reiterate your comments on XeeMe! XeeMe is such an excellent resource for getting fully connected with contacts and has made a huge increase in the number of connections I have. If you want people to know where to find you, XeeMe is a great place to do it!

  7. One you overlooked that might be of interest to the readers here.

  8. I thought I was pretty up on social media but didn’t recognize any of these resources…. Oh apart from Facebook of course. Thanks for the guide.

    • Oh – cool!! Glad I introduced you to some thing things!! Seriously, it is hard to believe but I have made my BEST connections via Empire Avenue! It was the game that become my best business tools for networking. Especially in the communities.

  9. Hi Mindy,
    Thanks for including JustRetweet on your lists!, I know we are still growing and more features are still coming on the way and believe me, JustRetweet will be a spam free zone because the site is only for bloggers and small business owners :)

    Thanks for your support!


  10. Hi Mindy, What a fitting experiment for a blog called Social Drivers! I love the concept of you creating your own personal endorsement of the value and potential of social media. I appreciate the mention and I think JustRetweet is destined to be just as successful as Triberr and some of the others you mentioned.
    I had an account with Xemee for a very short time and decided that it would be more valuable to me as a resource for my day job than for my blog. Since I try to keep the two profiles separate (which is nearly impossible these days) I figured I will sign up with my work email and details after the first of the year.
    Xemee has a strong footprint and even though I deleted my account over a month ago, I got a Google alert on the profile just the other day. LOL!
    I look forward to hooking up with you over there when I re-join.
    One of the Facebook Groups I recently joined has generated a nice buzz on my blog so I will DM you for sure to find out what groups you’re in. Better yet, I’ll just make sure we are connected on Facebook so we can chat at length.

    Great post and I will certainly keep in touch!

    • Sounds like a GREAT plan Ileane!

      Seriously, Ileane, if you haven’t met Axel of XeeMe, let me introduce you to him. He is really incredible and I am so impressed with how much he gets involved 1-on-1 with his users.

      I got your FB request and would LOVE to message/chat back and forth and share tips/groups/etc! I think you are amazing and I LOVE your blog!

  11. Hi Mindy,

    I’m in agreement with you that this type of marketing helps generate visitors to our blogs. I’ve been using this system for a short time, but I’m seeing results in my Google Analytics.

    Thank you for listing the 7 sites that are useful to you.

  12. Hi Mindy,

    Valentine let me know about your post so I popped in to comment because I have a lot of experience in what has worked over the years and what has not. Before I forget to mention it, I would like to touch base with you directly, partly to find out more about what you’re doing and also to hear more about xeeme.

    I will be adding you to my many lists of DoFollow CommentLuv bloggers if that is good with you. I am currently updating those lists and prioritizing them so that the most giving bloggers get more of my time. The post I’ve selected to put in CommentLuv in this comment explains why how a blogger chooses to manage their blog can create a better world and stronger economy.

    As you already know because you’re actively using it, JustRetweet is better than the other similar sites because of WHO is using it – other DoFollow CommentLuv bloggers who are giving of their time and experience. I’ll be bringing them all into a private, invitation only forum and you’re invited. In that forum we share how-tos and what works best and get each other invited into the programs that earn us the most income – that kind of thing. DoFollow CommentLuv bloggers are invited to contact me to ask for inclusion.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen my table of blogs I promote. That is what I’m updating first and then I’ll update all my other lists and feeds from that table. I’ll put that link in the regular URL field (the link that says GrowMap) so you can see it. Leave me a comment there letting me know it is ok to add you to the table?

    We collectively do something similar to Triberr but not using Triberr. I don’t believe in using anything that demands bloggers share what they do not agree with and some who use Triberr are not my kind of folks. I can not in good conscience share what they write.

    While I am certain that using Empire Avenue for networking could be effective, I consider the concept of buying and selling humans so offensive that I insisted they remove me from that site (and I just checked to confirm that at least while not logged in GrowMap is not on it).

    There are literally millions of blogs to choose from so I choose to focus on those who most deserve my time. To me that means bloggers who believe in paying it forward and supporting others regardless of whether they currently can benefit you more or not. Many will support you as long as they can get more than they give. That, to me, is a selfish concept I do support.

    A side benefit to doing this is that you aren’t exposed to as many scams and you meet the small percentage of people you can really trust. IMHO, collaborating with others with the same ethical standards is the most wonderful way to do it.

    • Thanks Gail so much for the comment! I completely believe you have a lot of experience over the years of what has worked and what hasn’t.

      I would love to connect to talk about what I am doing and to talk about XeeMe. I would also love to be added to your list of ComLuv+/dofollow. I have gone to your blog to make my comment on your page. What a great concept you have there!

      I am really enjoying JustRetweet and am thrilled to be invited into the private, invitation-only forum. I love to share and learn how-tos!

      I am pleased as can be that you stopped by and made your comment. I love your concept of working together for a better world and a stronger economy. Right now, the way the world is going, everyone needs to do what they can to help uplift and build a better place for us all to share!

  13. Another very useful post Mindy. I love XeeMe because its like a Social Media Hotel for all my social platforms. Easy for others to see and just as handy for me to connect to all my SM sites. Plus the founders are hands-on and involved – something I appreciate because that’s the way I handle my business.

    • Thanks Wally! I like the way you put that – social media hotel :) Very cool that you are hands-on and involved in your business. I think that in this day it is what customers/clients expect and so rarely get!

  14. Thank you for sharing, it is a great post and provide the brilliant skills. I am just learning more about the social media, the great way you provide is another wonderful method to make a good online business. I hope could get more updated from your blog, thanks again,

  15. Good thing I discovered your post from one of my newsletter. Merry Christmas :)

  16. Hi Mindy,
    Great article.
    As a blogger I am always looking for new and innovative ways to promote blog content. I have already taken action and signed up for JustRetweet. It sounds great!

  17. Register with us and share your story with get more visitor to your site.

  18. 2 words – Awesome Post!


  19. Triberr is pretty good especially when you invite a few quality people into it. And I agree that the manual sharing made it even better. Didn’t like the automated one too. It made Triberr seem to have spammy contents.

  20. Using Facebook Groups would really be helpful especially when you take the time to invite people and when you have the social networking skills. Commenting on blog posts with a Commentluv plugin is also effective, especially when you know how to give the love back. :)

  21. Thank you so much for that wonderful post Mindy. I found it through BizSugar, so obviously that is also a great place to post your content.

    I’ve had a TribePro account for quite some time now (because I was in network marketing for a while). Recently, I thought about becoming active there once again for my small business blogging. It’s interesting that you mentioned it here.

    I think I will definitely put these tips to use. I appreciate it. Keep up the great work!

  22. Again, as a newbie, a good resource for me to start with. Is this really how I’m spending my sunday?

  23. I must be doing it wrong, because all of these take up too much of my time, so that I don’t have time for the actual work….

    • Mike, that is definitely the challenge. Social Media can be a HUGE time suck. I am always trying to find ways to get more results with less time invested. I will share any hints or tips I learn or figure out! By the way, you have enough approved comments on this blog, Mike, that you could use keywords in your name like Mike Shields @ My168Project and then you would have a contextual link back to your blog that wasn’t just your name. If you are interested.

  24. Interesting!! But again, if you have 100 people to market your blog post and promote it, you also have to do the same for 100 people that means against one post, you have to promote 100 posts of others. Don’t you think it is more problematic in terms of investment of time!!

    • I honestly don’t. I think it is completely worth my time to promote others. I get exposed to great content, meet great people, and develop great social media relationships! I don’t see the downside here, truly.

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